LED Street Lights

LED street light TB-LED-27- 60W/85W/120W/150W

Structural features:

1. With aluminum die casting body and radiator. Ensure the excellent radiation performance for the heat.
2. Simple and easy-replanceable,self-clean design to guarantee the LED light clean; Shape with dust free design,and Convectional design,good for heat radiation; IP67 modular design adopts ASTM6063 material,Surface with black anodized treatment result in better heat radiation ability;
3. Mounting: Φ60mm;
4. Finishing: Powder coating;

Technical parameters:
1. Protection rating: IP65
2. Power factor: > 0.9
3. Lamp Efficiency: 95lm/w
4. CRI: >70
5. Color TMP: 3000K~6500K
6. Lifespan: > 50000 Hours
7. Power source: AC100v-277/50Hz-60Hz
8. THD: < 15%
9. Working Humidity: 10%~90%
10.Working Environment: -40℃- +50℃
11.LED chip Brand: CREE / OSRAM
12.Warranty: Three Years