LED Wall Wash Lights

Specifications of LED wall wash light:
1. Power:6W/11W/12W/18W/24W/36W
2. Input Voltage:24V-240V/50-60Hz
3. Power Factor:>90%
4. Color Temperature:RGB/Single color / 2700~6000K
5. Led chip:Epistar /Bridgelux/CREE
6. LED Lighting Efficiency:95lm/w
7. Working temperature:-25°C~+45°C
8. Working humidity:10%-90%
9. IP Rating:IP67
10.Working Life:50,000 hours
11.Body &Shade Material:Aluminium 
12.Warranty:2 years warranty
13.Beam Angle:15/25/45/60/90/120°

Structure Feature:
1. 80% Energy saving and Eco-friendly and No mercury contained
2. High shock/vibration resistant, No glare, No strobe light.
3. Good appearance, good waterproof, good dustproof;
4. Minimum maintenance cost and long service life
5. Compact size for narrow space installation, adjustable mounting angle for free projection