Square Vertical Tenon:
Steel Materials: Conform to ASTM-A 500 grade B: minimum yield strength of 46,000 PSI. 
Welding: Welding complies with BS5135/EN40. All sharp edges and burrs are removed. 
Finish: Parkerising & Being color powder coating.
Packing: Individual carton for safe shipping.

1. Single square vertical tenon:  TBTSQ4SVT, TBTSQ5SVT ;
2. Twin square vertical tenon: TBTSQ4TVT, TBTSQ5TVT ;
3. Triple square vertical tenon: TBTSQ4TRVT, TBTSQ5TRVT ;;
4. Four square Vertical tenon:  TBTSQ4FVT, TBTSQ5FVT ;